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"Human sight is only capable of perceiving around .0035% of the entire spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, so when we look out into the world 96% of it is generally invisible to the naked eye. We have more ability to read the subtle oscillating fields of information around us than we've been taught. Imagine that, there is an entire universe of possibilities which exists beyond our five senses."


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"Your freedom, your path to joy, is in remembering and reconnecting to your true nature. Your mission is to be who you really are, free from the conditioning. Access your power. Step into the truth of who you are."


"I see each person’s true essence, their gifts as innately capable, wise, interconnected, symbiotic, and resilient beings. I assist in identifying and clearing out old programs, beliefs, and energies which alter your natural rhythms. These blocks prevent us from seeing our own wisdom, power, and insights to move forward with freedom to create."


"Encompassing you is an electromagnetic field that spans around 18 inches in all directions. Held within this sphere are all of our thought patterns, memories, emotional patterns, and core belief structures. The majority of us operate from approximately 10% conscious and 90% unconscious. As we expand into consciousness, and clear what blocks us from seeing our truth, then we can unfold into the infinite possibilities that wait before us."


"I operate as the jumper cable that connects you to your authentic self, assisting you in accessing your own innate wisdom and abilities to clear blocks and move forward with ease in life. I empower one to expand their capacity to connect to their own divine essence and power."

Meet Angela Elmendorf

    Angela is a natural and multi-certified clairvoyant, intuitive reader, energy practitioner, Reiki master teacher, and empowerment guide. 


    "After many years in clairvoyant programs, with healers, teachers, and energy practitioners, traveling around the globe, engaging with sacred sites and power places, as well as in graduate programs in Counseling, Art Therapy, Fine Arts, and American Sign Language. Focusing on modalities such as readings, chakra balancing, energy work, grounding, communication, guided imagery, transparency, past life recall, consciousness, interconnection, multidimensionality, and empowerment. Including multiple near-death experiences, initiations, and downloads that propelled me deeper into this work and being of service. I act as a mirror to remind you of who you truly are, your divine blueprint, pre-programming, so you can access your natural abilities to remember, heal, and reconnect."


    She has studied and practiced therapeutic techniques for field readings and balancing, expanded perception, self-development, reconciliation and healing, group facilitation, meditation, visualization, soul retrieval, intentional co-creating, identifying and shifting causation, art as a healing process, trauma and renewal, alternative communication, inner wisdom access, and heart centered healing. 


    Angela helps you to embody your own abilities and knowing, empowering you to access new levels of consciousness and healing, while reaffirming and establishing vital connections to your inner and outer resources. She assists you in:

  • Gaining Clarity

  • Releasing Blockages

  • Shifting Your Frequency

  • Aligning with your True Nature 

  • Expanding Awareness


       This allows you to:

  • Be More Present 

  • Open to what you want to create

  • Feel more flow and flexibility with life

  • Become more Fully Yourself 

  • Move forward with greater ease

    Angela offers help with accessing your own inherent natural ability to transmute programming that contributes to emotional suffering, illness, pain, trauma, addiction, negative belief systems, and mental constraints. This allows space for an individual to begin healing their connection to themselves and the world, relationships, wounding, blocks, or unhelpful patterns.



What is energy                    reading?

    "Often energy reading is spoken of as a sixth sense, to me it’s about our full capacity to utilize all of our senses, to drop into our heart center, center of head, and body wisdom to connect to the fields of radiating energy all around us and beyond. This is a process that is so natural to us, yet has been programed out of us, the ability and possibility to shift out of the concept driven, dominance model of the left brain, and to reestablish our trust with the very subtle, synchronistic, incredibly intelligent impulses, rhythms, frequencies, and knowing of our powerful bodies and the interrelated natural world, which when not blocked are connected to an amazing infinite universe of symbiosis and information."

    "Everything is pure energy, and energy is simply different fields of vibration/information that interconnect, revealing the true nature of the fabric of our cosmos and ourselves, as deeply interwoven co-creators in a vast ocean or network of energy, pulsing with life, and possibilities, beyond our wildest imaginations. The Universe is an innately intelligent field of expanding energy of which we are just beginning to sense the possibility and depth of, and of which we are an integral part as it continues to unfold and expand." 


     I offer intuitive readings/energy balancing sessions, as well as home and office clearings. Each session is uniquely tailored to meet an individual where they are at with what presents as most beneficial in that moment, as well as their chosen focus. When we read the field in present time with neutrality, we are accessing a wealth of information, allowing insights to present, assisting one in finding more clarity, confirmation, and confidence by which to make their own informed decisions, while guiding in identifying and neutralizing blocks. The field is impartial and therefore presents the truth, adhering to natural laws of the universe.

   Balancing's help one access themselves, allowing their energy to flow, negative belief patterns to clear, other energies that are not your own to disperse. Fear, thought patterns, or stagnant emotions that may prevent one from moving forward may be extricated.  This process of release, integration, and expansion allows more clarity and joy with one’s life path.


Why Energy Balancing?

It can help with

Feeling Stuck/Unsure

You feel physically or mentally drained. Indecision. Stuck in a negative pattern of thoughts, behavior, or experiences. Benefits: Clarity, Inertia, Flow.

Stress/Trapped Emotions

You feel overwhelm, grief, anxiety, anger, frustration, or sadness. Benefits: Releasing layers of old patterns of thoughts/beliefs/karma, Holding more Lightness. Ability to Manifest and Balance. Feeling Connected to your Higher Self and Helpers.  

Struggling with a Long Term Issue

You sense you are not living as who you are truly meant to be. Feeling lost, stagnation. Benefits: Renewed Alignment and Passion, Releasing old Subconscious Patterns. Direction, Next Steps, Proceeding to what you Prefer to Create/Experience.


Physical, mental, emotional, and energetic detoxification. Benefits:

Clearer pathways, Experiencing Ease, Grace, Clearing out what no longer serves you, Making space for the New, More Vitality. 

Major Life Changes

You've experienced or are ready to shift a major life circumstance such as change or loss of a job, relationship, moves, health challenge. Benefits: Empowerment to Create, Decisiveness, Ability to Let Go, Forward Momentum, Closure, Flexibility, Peace, Knowing. 

Becoming Your Own Intuitive Healer


Benefits: Develop Manifesting what you Want. Advance your Awareness and Control of your own innate Psychic Abilities. Increase your Connection through deepening your relationship with Yourself and your own Beautiful Spirit. Release stuck energy, cellular memories, old contracts, habits, cords, and patterns. Maintain a Peaceful mind in Balance with your Heart. Cultivate Knowing, Neutrality, and Joy. 



"She's the real deal, in the first five minutes Angela read me clearly and saw the themes and issues that were going on in my life. She confirmed things I had suspected but was unsure of, giving me new permission to trust myself. I feel lighter and more confident after a session with Angela, I feel more free to be myself."

— Laura


"Angela is an arrangement of flowers, a spirit of ultraviolet light. She teaches you to eat the fish and spit out the bones."

— Estella

"I highly recommend Angela's readings. I have always found them to be extremely accurate and helpful and delivered with a deep sense of compassion and grace. She has been instrumental is providing a deeper awareness into the issues I have requested clarity on and her ability to clear away energetic threads and attachments has augmented the power of her readings to also provide healing from old patterns and issues that have been ready to be released. She is a very clear reader. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment for a session with Angela." -Raphael W. 

"Angela Elmendorf is a gifted energy healer. She sees clearly beyond the surface and conveys what she has to share with clarity and compassion. Angela is the "real thing" and a session with her will be a gift you'll be eternally grateful that you gave yourself."

— Elaine D.

"I highly value Angela as an extremely gifted and spiritually based individual. I believe Angela to have a clean channel within her so she can allow information through without misrepresentation for those seeking guidance or messages. Because of her soul’s journey through other dimensions of being, I see her soul as a seasoned spiritual oracle."

— S.K.

"Angela is a wholesome and genuine person who I know I can go to and trust with any issue at all. In just one session, she helped me to confirm and clarify many things regarding my home life, career path, and the presence of the many beings working with and for me. What sets her apart from other people I've worked with is that she not only processed out loud while she was doing my reading so I could follow internally, but also left me with tools to continue the work on my own. Everything about this woman is magic and blessed!"

— H. Rose

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White Sands


Energy Reading/Balancing Session

    A session includes a clairvoyant reading, chakra scan and balancing, grounding, auric repair, life review, identifying and clearing beliefs that no longer serve you, a chance to gain insights to specific questions and focus, and tools to maintain your clearer balanced field. 

    Learn to create with more certainty, trust yourself and life, shift from self-judgement to self-validation, form better boundaries, have healthier communications, understand life purpose, and have more peace, so that you can be more fully present on your authentic path. A session helps you gain new perspectives and neutrality about the trajectory you are currently on, and what you can do to be more in congruence with the life you want to create. 
    After your session, common experiences are feeling validated, relieved, more calm, centered, and clearer on how you wish to proceed in life, and better able to understand and trust your own inner guidance and wisdom.


Home and Office Clearings

Buildings and land hold imprints of past inhabitants, emotions, traumas, beings, electromagnetic stress, portals, and geopathic stress from fault lines, water and mineral fluctuations, those with heightened untrained psychic states or influences, thought forms, etheric patterns, and other factors. Home and office clearings assist spaces in releasing old patterns and unhelpful influences, and reset to a clean slate more hospitable to its current inhabitants. This creates a more conducive environment from which to move forward with grace and ease.

*Sessions are not intended to be a replacement for medical or psychiatric care. Please utilize theses offerings as complimentary services and use your best judgement to seek other care you may need. 


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